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Students from the European Union

Students from EU countries need to make an administrative procedure to reside in Spain. Upon arrival must register with the Foreign Registration (new step), and must apply for the NIE (Foreign Identification Number) to conduct economic activities in Spain (open a bank account, collect a scholarship, and so on).

Upon arrival, and to make these efforts should contact our  International Students Office (OMI), which will provide them with general information and specific host corresponding to the legalization of their stay academic. OMI advise them in all matters relating to their status as students from EU countries.


Students outside the European Union

Visa :

Foreign students from countries outside the European Union and in which the competent authorities have established that should enter into Spain with visas must apply for a visa by STUDIES type D (also their families) in the consular services / embassy Spanish.

NOT enter into Spain with a tourist visa although this means delay proceedings and delay joining the courses, because from here it is impossible to modify the type of visa and will be forced to return to their home countries when the period foreseen for tourism is finalised (typically a maximum of three months) in order to apply the correct visa.

Extension of a visa for studies :

Upon arrival, the non-EU foreign students with visa Studies, must apply for the card guest studio and the NIE (Identification Number of Foreigners).

To handle the initial request for these documents our  International Students Office (ISO) will provide general information and specific host corresponding to the legalization of their stay academic. Also inform them of the necessary documents (form, register certificate, photographs, etc.) that they are needed and they tell them where they should go.

The residence card for studies must apply within one month after the entry into Spain, regardless of the visa has a validity of three months, so it is important to accredit the entry by the border. To this purpose the authorities tend to put the date on the visa document. If for any reason, the students did not have this date in the passport, this can be available getting it between a period of 72 hours from their entry into Spain going to any station and ask for a certification of their arrival date for which they will ask them the ticket transportation.

The authorization residence card residence issued by the subdelegation of the government for these students is usually valid for one year and if studies are lasting longer than the period originally conceded must apply for renewal through the ISO. It is extremely important to apply the renewal before it expires in order not to lose the legality of their stay in Spain.

Non-EU student travels to another country :

The residence permit in Spain does not authorize automatically to travel freely within the European Union. International students from Non-EU countries can not travel, move, pass, work for Europe without specific permission.

If staying in Spain the Non-EU countries students have to travel to another European Union country because of their education, have to apply for visas for studies of this country. If you travel by tourism or leisure, consult the consulate of the destination country and request, if necessary, the appropriate tourist visa in order to return to Spain without difficulty.

The non-EU students unable to travel to another country (go on vacation, return to their country of origin, travel surveys, etc.) meanwhile their residence card is being processed or while they are awaiting renewal by expiration. They need to ask, before leaving, an authorization back to Spain and they must anticipate that procedure at certain times (Christmas, etc) because in these periods there are a backlog of requests and they can be delays in the granting of licenses.

For any doubt it is important to contact with the ISO and the embassy / consulate of the country of destination.



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